Frimo partners with Covelo Machine & Tool Trade Co. -- K Trade Fair

Frimo partners with Covelo Machine & Tool Trade Co.


Frimo, a developer and provider of system solutions for the manufacture of polyurethane parts for vehicle interiors, announced a joint venture with Covelo Machine & Tool Trade Co.(CMTT). The new partnership will "further boost Frimo's development, production and service of mixing heads," which are among the most sensitive components in polyurethane processing, and their reliability during production is critical," said Frimo.

"Thanks to this joint venture, Frimo and CMTT will be able to pool their accumulated expertise and swiftly make leaps forward to accelerate product development," said Frimo CEO Hans-Gunter Bayer. "With its longstanding expertise and reputation in building and repairing mixing heads, plus having established its industry presence over the past four decades, CMTT is an ideal partner for us. We want to maximize these synergies and are convinced we will be offering the resulting benefits to our customers in the very near future."

In recent years, Frimo has accumulated a wider scope of expertise in designing and building complex polyurethane processing systems. In addition to intelligent and innovative production system concepts, the company has also been producing high-pressure metering machines and mixing heads, leading to further market success, primarily in the fields of soft and semi rigid foam applications in the polyurethane equipment industry, said Frimo's information.

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