Frimo and CMTT form mixing head joint venture -- K Trade Fair


Frimo and CMTT form mixing head joint venture

Within Frimo's global manufacturing strategy, its mixing and dosing units are already produced in facilities in Europe, America, and Asia. In the next step mixing heads will be added, says the company. Accelerating the development of expertise on all three continents, additional manufacturing capabilities, swift service, and expanding the product portfolio to cover the entire range of outputs and applications are all on Frimo's agenda. Thanks to the new joint venture, the partners will be able to pool their accumulated expertise and make leaps forward to accelerate Frimo product development. In addition, the global sales organisation of Frimo will considerably improve CMTT's market access. CMTT has more than 40 years of expertise in the field of mixing heads. Originally founded in Germany, the company now operates from the USA and focuses on constructing high-pressure mixing heads. In addition, CMTT is a specialist in servicing and repairing all standard mixing head brands. With immediate effect, the service and repair scope will expand from Europe to also encompass America and Asia, where Frimo currently manufactures its mixing and dosing units. CMTT is also a market leader when it comes to the materials applied, material matching or production methods and surface treatments, says Frimo.