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Medical grade Eastman Tritan™ copolyester delivers peace of mind without sacrificing performance in medical device applications.

Tritan is an innovative, clear medical-grade polymer that delivers a unique balance of design, processing and physical properties for medical devices. Tritan is also available in a high-flow product that is ideal for long flow runs and intricate detail.
Tritan can add value to safe, durable, reliable and innovative medical-device designs. Tritan holds special value for applications that feature the following attributes relevant in the medical industry.
Sterilization stability
Tritan offers compatibility with many popular sterilization methods — and has outstanding hydrolytic stability. This balance of properties makes Tritan an excellent choice for IV system components, blood therapy devices, and any parts that face frequent disinfection.

Tritan delivers exceptional toughness and reliable durability. So your molded medical devices deliver greater customer satisfaction.

Chemical resistance
Tritan offers excellent resistance to the potential effects of exposure to common substances found in the medical environment.

Secondary operations
Complex medical devices often require secondary operations to complete the assembly or fabrication process of molded or otherwise formed parts. Tritan lends itself to a variety of secondary operations and fabrication techniques including bonding and welding.