Four technological challenges the auto industry faces today


Who cares about all the high-tech gadgets proliferating vehicles today? Lots of people care, according to Brendan Cahill, director of Dykema's Automotive Industry Group. Dykema, a national business law firm serving a variety of industries, has offices throughout the U.S. including three in Michigan.

Vehicle buyers today are less interested in the "performance" such as going 0-60 in less than a minute, and more excited about the "space-age" stuff—the bells and whistles that make a vehicle more than just a car or truck. But even as the idea of a Jetsons-like future dominated by robotic cars enthralls the media, that potential reality is at least a decade away, said Dykema in its recent commentary on Four Tech Challenges the Auto Industry Faces Today. Meanwhile, the auto industry has undergone a less whimsical but far more sweeping shift, from the business of metal bending to the business of chips and sensors, Dykema commented.

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