Flambeau's prescription for success in the medical device market


Taking on a new and different market isn't easy, but with good strategic planning, knowledgeable people on the team and the right equipment in place, it can be a successful endeavor. Just ask Flambeau Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI), whose newest addition to its Nordic Group of companies has experienced exceptional growth in the medical device market.

Flambeau is perhaps best known for its recreational and sporting goods, Duncan yo-yos, and cases for a range of products including artist supplies, guns, EMT emergency kit cases, and automotive, defense and industrial components. In fact, Flambeau has 11 global manufacturing facilities that offer injection molding, blowmolding, assembly and other secondary services, and it produces hundreds of thousands of parts and products daily to serve retailers and OEM customers around the world.

When Flambeau purchased Phoenix, AZ–based Mastercraft Companies three years ago, it was a strategic move that gave the company its initial entrance into molding for the medical device market. Named Flambeau Medical Markets Group, the company added a third building to the Phoenix campus, creating a 20,000-square-foot Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing and assembly facility that today produces a variety of medical components for specialty surgical and cardiac applications. The facilities are ISO 13485/GMP compliant.

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