Evonik's biobased polyamide PA1010 FDA approved for food contact -- K Trade Fair

Evonik's biobased polyamide PA1010 FDA approved for food contact


Evonik Industries has announced that it has received FDA approval for a food contact substance notification (FCN) for its family of PA1010 polyamides. Its VESTAMID Terra DS16 natural may be used as a basic polymer in the production of articles intended for food contact. Further details on the approved applications can be found in the FCN#001439, however, in main, the material may be come in contact with all types of food at chilled to elevated room temperatures for single use, as well as all types of food in repeated use application up to 100°C.

Food contact substances (FCS) are materials intended to come into contact with food, such as processing equipment, packaging and containers, and containers used in transport. Due to the migration of molecules from the food contact material to the food, these substances are regulated in many countries. In the U.S., this is regulated via the Food Contact Notification Program established by the FDA within the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition's (CFSAN) Office of Food Additive Safety. All FCS must be approved by the U.S. FDA through the process of FCN.

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