Europe Rubber Processing Education Week 2014 -- K Trade Fair


Europe Rubber Processing Education Week 2014

In addition to a specialised conference on Cost Reduction in Rubber Processing (featuring invited speakers) on 12 November 2014 the following six seminars will be offered during this training week for the rubber industry: 10 - 11 November 2014, Rubber Compound Formulation Design (Instructor: Dr. Hans-Joachim Graf, Germany; Participants will receive Graf Compounder Software) Rubber Compounding PrinciplesFormulation (Recipe) DevelopmentReview of Rubbers used in CompoundingFunction of Additives in Rubber CompoundingRecipe Development MethodsPractical Excercises on Various Compound FormulationExercise on Compound Cost Reduction - Value Analysis of Compounds and their ProcessingRubber Compounding Process - Forum 10 - 11 November 2014, Molding of Rubber + Rubber Mold Design (Instructor: Van Walworth, USA; Participants will receive "Rubber Molding Principles” book) Principles of Rubber Material & Behavior During MoldingPrinciples of Molding Methods (Compression/Transfer/Hybrid Transfer/Injection)Principles of Molding EquipmentPrinciples of Mold ConstructionCompression Mold DesignTransfer Mold Design & WorkshopHybrid Transfer MoldingInjection Mold DesignRunner Design TechniquesHow Runners and Cavities FillCross-Section DesignsLaminar Flow RatioVanturi Runner FeatureFlashless MoldingWasteless MoldingOperator Assist TechniquesPrototype Molding TechniquesPrinciples of Rubber to Metal Bonding and/or Over-MoldingMold Release & Mold MaintenanceRubber Product Performance& TolerancesTroubleshooting 13 November 2014, Design of Experiments in Rubber Compound and Process Development (Instructor: Dr. Hans-Joachim Graf, Germany) Short Introduction to Practical Use of DoECase Studies on CompoundingProcessing like Extrusion, Injection MoldingRubber Metal Adhesion and Thermoplastic ProcessingDoE Program demonstration 13 - 14 November 2014, Rubber Rheology (Instructor: Henri Burhin, Belgium) General Concept of Material PropertiesPolymer Description and Rheological PropertiesShear type TestingDynamic Mechanical AnalysisEffect of Processing/Measurement Conditions on Rheological PropertiesEffect of Material Characteristics on Polymer and Compound RheologyEffect of Strain on Rubbers and Compound RheologySpecial ApplicationsNonlinear Visco-ElasticityGood Testing Practices 14 November 2014, Injection Cold Runner Blocks for Rubber Injection (Instructor: Van Walworth, USA) Cost Justifications for Using Cold Runner BlocksGeneral Construction Designs for Cold Runner BlocksBasic Solid Cold Runner Block Design DetailsBasic Split Cold Runner Block Design DetailsCare and Maintenance Of Cold Runner BlocksProcess Troubleshooting Cold Runner Blocks 14 November 2014, Mold Fouling: Reasons and How to Fix (Instructor: Dr. Hans-Joachim Graf, Germany) Organic Ingredients and Chemistry causing Mold FoulingStructure of Fillers and Plate out in MoldingSolubility of Ingredients and It Effect on Mold FoulingEnd Groups of Polymers Regarding Mold FoulingProcess Conditions Supporting Mold FoulingChecklist of Ingredients to Avoid Mold Fouling Contact: TechnoBiz USA Inc.
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