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EuMBC: European Masterbatchers and Compounders elected new President and Board

EuMBC, the European Masterbatchers and Compounders, a Sector Group of EuPC, elected their new President and Board at the last General Assembly on 7 November.

Philip Portael was elected President, Michela Conterno Vice-President for Communication and Marc Cornu Vice-President for Regulatory Affairs. Other Board members are Adrian Baker, Frank Roederer and Massimo Veronelli (Treasurer).

This board is a reflection of a large part of the different industries (MB and compounding) in the EU and its members clearly aim to represent the industry sector above their individual companies.

About EuMBC
EuMBC is the European association of masterbatches and compounds manufacturers. EuMBC is building up upon the legacy of the former ETHIC association, and provides a very wide range of diversified benefits to their members, covering most critical issues for their business and licence to operate, such as:

Supporting obligated companies under the REACH regulation with specific tools and services
Positioning masterbatches and compounds in the plastic value chain
Participating with their plastic converter customers in key market sector related activities (e.g. Packaging, Automotive, Electrical & Electronic, Building & Construction, Medical etc.)
Keeping them fully aware and enabling their contribution to critical horizontal activities such as raw materials issues, food-contact developments, recycling etc.
Protecting their industry's interest in other fields e.g. energy, labour cost or trade issues
Created in 2001 at the initiative of 15 major European independent thermoplastic compounds and masterbatch producers, EuMBC is a Sector Group of EuPC and is particularly active in all fields related to the plastic industry (REACH, Food Contact, New Technologies). It represents and defends the interests of the European compounds and masterbatch producers vis-à-vis the European institutions and other professional organisations.

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