Erema continues U.S. expansion


Erema North America, Inc., a subsidiary of Erema Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH, says that due to high demand—especially in post-consumer recycling—the company will continue to expand in the U.S.

At its facility in Ipswich, MA, Erema North America has a trial center that covers about 1,000-sqm (10, 764 sq-ft) of floor space, which features three recycling systems for trials. The company plans to expand it even more to 2,400-sqm (25,833 sq-ft) and install a new system, which will be an Intarema 1108 TVEplus with Laserfilter. The expansion of the trial center will get underway in March 2015 and completion is scheduled for late summer 2015.

"Our North America base represents a major Erema investment showing a strong commitment to North American customers," said Mike Horrocks, CEO of Erema North America. "The facility is a valuable link to Erema's global headquarters in Austria, allowing customers easy access to Erema equipment, technical support and vast reservoir of knowledge derived from decades of plastics recycling throughout the world."

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