Engel demos automated cleanroom molding of insulin pen component


In an effort to boost productivity, companies molding parts for medical applications increasingly favor the use of multicavity molds and larger injection molding machines, according to machine maker Engel (Schwertberg, Austria). At NPE2015, the company will demonstrate how a coordinated systems approach can achieve high levels of performance without affecting part quality, a fundamental requirement in the medical technology industry.

At stand W1303, Engel, assisted by automation specialist Hekuma (Eching, Germany) and mold builder Braunform (Bahlingen, Germany), will mold needle holders for insulin pens. The cores of the 96-cavity mold measure just 0.3 mm in diameter; to prevent deformation of the small cores, the electric injection unit of the Engel e-motion 440/240 T US that will be running at the show is equipped with a direct drive that achieves injection speeds up to 500 mm/sec.

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