Energy-efficient heat is on for plastics processors at Solex


Materials suppliers have been the traditional customers for Solex Thermal Science (Calgary, AB, Canada), a developer of heat-transfer systems for bulk solids, "but we have noticed a budding application for preheating and regulating the temperature of polymer powder and pellets among extruders," says Kevin Harris, engineer and Senior Sales Manager. He explained his company's technology and why it might benefit plastics processors during a Center Stage presentation today at Plast-Ex in Toronto.

"We have seen some interest coming from plastics processors in Canada, especially. Maybe it has something to do with colder climates," Harris told PlasticsToday. "In any case, we're trying to see if there isn't an opportunity for us."

Solar Thermal ScienceControlling the temperature of polymers is a critical aspect of plastics processing. Solex technology achieves this with a unique heat-transfer technology that applies proprietary modeling software, the "secret sauce," as Harris calls it, to accurately predict product temperatures during the heating or cooling process and ensure optimal thermal performance.

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