Eggs Posure reveals innovative packaging concept with in-mold labeling


Packaging as playthings! That's the idea behind Eggyplay, an innovation developed by Twinpack BV (Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands) and food producer Hedegaard Foods A/S (Hadsund, Denmark). To develop creative packaging concepts for the egg industry, Eggyplay, the Eggs Posure showpiece, serves as packaging and a sustainable toy. Because the cartons work like clickable building blocks and fit perfectly together like large Duplo blocks, hours of fun are guaranteed.

Eggs Posure launched the revolutionary egg carton at the Anuga Fair in Cologne, Germany, in October 2013. The colorful egg carton is made from plastic and comes in four bright, fun colors. According to Verstraete IML (Maldegem, Belgium), the designer and manufacturer of the in-mold label on the carton/toy, "children love them because Eggyplay cartons are the perfect building blocks for creating a large castle, impressive tower or cute playhouse."

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