Edison Nation Medical is looking for a few good inventors


Edison Nation Medical (Charlotte, NC), a healthcare innovation marketplace, today announced a worldwide search for innovations to assist in preventing the spread and transmission of infectious disease, both within a healthcare setting as well as for use by the general public. The most promising ideas uncovered during the two-month-long search will be presented to major medical manufacturing partners, with the goal of having the innovation fully commercialized and distributed globally. The Innovation Search runs through April 30, 2015.

The objective of this search is to uncover ideas for products, devices, technologies or applications that can help prevent the spread and transmission of infectious disease, says Edison Nation Medical. These types of products can cover a broad array of categories, one of which is protective garments and gear, where polymer-based materials already play a significant role and may point to as-yet-undiscovered applications. The other categories include, but are not limited to, disposal methods of contaminated materials, sterilization technologies, educational tools, and infection detection and monitoring devices.

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