EU plastics groups take recycling pledge -- K Trade Fair

EU plastics groups take recycling pledge


The UK is not messing around when it comes to increasing recycling. In 2012, the UK announced plans to increase recycling from 32% in 2012 to 57% by 2017. Well, 2017 is not that far away and as such, the British Plastics Federation (BPF), the Packaging and Films Association (PAFA) and Plastics Europe announce that they intend to adopt the work program known as PIRAP (Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan) and develop it further into a detailed action plan to help the industry move toward the 2017 plastics recycling targets required by UK government. These three groups are also behind Plastics2020, a campaign to increase the rate of plastics recycling.

PIRAP was formed to identify actions required to improve plastic recycling in the UK. Coordinated by WRAP, a nonprofit backed by the government, the program has brought together a total of 48 stakeholders from government and business including all Plastics 2020 members.

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