Dupont boosts Zytel production capacity in Europe


DuPont Performance Polymers (Wilmington, Delaware) has increased production capacity of its Zytel PA 66 and PA 6 product at the Uentrop facility in Hamm, Germany, by 20%. The reason, according to the company, was in order to meet growing demand “primarily in the global automotive industry.”

Lightweight, high-performance Zytel nylon often replaces metal in automotive applications. It is used to make a wide range of components, such as air ducts, engine covers, charged air coolers, transmission components and radiator end tanks. In electrical and electronic systems, Zytel nylon is widely used in enclosures, sockets, terminal blocks, circuit breakers, switches and relays.

Zytel enables both the total cost and weight of components to be reduced, thus contributing importantly to industry efforts to improve fuel efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and enable sustainable mobility.

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