DuPont polyamides lightweight auto coolant pipes -- K Trade Fair

DuPont polyamides lightweight auto coolant pipes


Zytel polyamide resins from DuPont (Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland) have been selected by two automotive fluid circulation specialists for the fabrication of rigid and flexible coolant pipes. The materials advance lightweighting objectives while achieving long-term resistance to aggressive water/glycol and road salts and withstanding temperatures from -40° to 125°C. Tristone Flowtech Group (Frankfurt, Germany) selected the Zytel PA612 long-chain polyamide (LCPA) for a flexible pipe, while Teklas Kauçuk AS (Kocaeli, Turkey) chose glass-reinforced Zytel PA66 to ensure rigidity and durability. DuPont featured the coolant pipes at its stand at Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, Germany, last week.

The flexible coolant pipe application has been nominated by the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in the chassis category for the "Most Innovative Use of Plastics Award." Winners will be announced at the annual awards banquet in Detroit, MI, on Nov. 12.

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