DuPont honored in Amsterdam for breakthrough biobased technology platform


At the 10th annual World Bio Markets Conference held in Amsterdam last week, DuPont Industrial Biosciences received the 2015 Bio Business Award for Breakthrough Bio-Based Technology Platform for its sustainably sourced, high-performance fiber, Sorona. Compared to conventional nylon 6, Sorona contains 37% renewable plant-based ingredients, uses 30% less energy and releases 63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, making Sorona fibers a greener choice with a lower environmental impact.

Sorona fibers are found in various applications in the textiles industry, ranging from residential and commercial carpets and apparel to automotive mats and carpets. In carpeting, the fibers are valued for their comfort, durability and crush resistance; moreover, carpets made with Sorona are permanently stain resistant from the inside out. In apparel, Sorona is proof that using a sustainable material does not require compromising on performance. In 2014, Vipul Sarees, a leader in the Indian saree market, partnered with DuPont to use Sorona fiber to make soft and colorful sarees in chiffon, georgette, satin and crepe materials that rival the luxurious feel of silk. This partnership provides an alternative for customers seeking quality and performance, while at the same time reducing their use of fossil fuels and carbon footprint.

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