Dr. Thiele: 11th China International Recycled Polyester Conference - New partnership with PETnology GmbH

The traditional China International Recycled Polyester Conference organized by CCFEI and Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology has got with PETnology GmbH a new partnership in 2015.

The idea is to bring the packaging industry as main source of polyester packaging waste together with the PET recycling industry which is converting this valuable material stream to all kind of polyester intermediates like staple fiber, filament, bottles and film. The price spread between virgin and re-PET is narrowing caused by increasing effectiveness of virgin PET production at one side and rising labor cost of flake production at the other side. In the light of this development recyclers are forced to strengthen their competitiveness by substantial technology improvements which are to achieve by increase of production unit capacity, reduction of process steps, process automation and development of new raw material sources by improvements for instance in chemical recycling of polyester fiber materials. Another important issue of PET recycling is the urgent need to reduce the burden to the environment by reducing water and energy consumption. All those issues are covered by technical presentations and exhibition. Additional the conference provides latest information about new governmental regulations of Chinese Recycling Industry and detailed results of the latest market development.

Technical presentations and exhibition booths are currently booked by the following companies: Sorema, Zangjiang City Grace Machinery, Get Recycling, Hangzhou Pantex Machinery, Gneuss, Beier Plastic Recycling Machinery, Hefei Meiya Optoelectronic Tech, Tomra Sorting, S+S Separating And Sorting Tech, Jiangyin Densel Environmental Protect.equipment, Erema, Yangzhou Zhicheng Chemical Ind. Tech., Luoyang Kelaer Washing Mat., Next Generation Recycling Machinery, Zhenzhou Zhongyuan Drying Tech., Haye Refrigeration Machinery, Hangzhou Decheng Ind., Pingyuan Green Harvey Recycling, Nanjing Elble Environment Prot., Pinghu Sanxin Machinery Man., Zheyiang Boretech.

All necessary information about conference organization, exhibition, conference venue and registration are available by Tracy Liu before 3 Sept 2015 for seat arrangement by fax at 0086-21-31276851 or by email at liuwenwen@cnfiber.com ; hl_tracy@hotmail.com, drthiele@polyester-technology.com, b.appel@petnology.com.
Dr. Ulrich Thiele, Polyester Technology Service, Bruchkoebel, Germany

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