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DSM Engineering Plastics announces leadership change

Royal DSM recently announced Roeland Polet has been named Business Group Director DSM Engineering Plastics, succeeding Roelof Westerbeek.

Roeland Polet joins DSM from the Valspar Company, where he most recently was Senior Vice President Global Industrial and Corporate Development, based in Minneapolis (United States) and Shanghai (China). Roeland is a dual citizen of the United States and the Netherlands who has lived and worked extensively internationally. In his years at Valspar, he has led the Global Industrial Coatings division and has been a member of the company´s Operating Committee.

Roeland´s experience spans across DSM business areas, including positions as General Manager in Ticona/Celanese, as well as 10 years of previous experience in DSM Engineering Plastics in the areas of R&D and Marketing.

Roelof Westerbeek, a Dutch national, joined DSM in 1989 and developed his career towards the role of President DSM Engineering Plastics Asia Pacific and as of 2008 he held the position of Business Group Director DSM Engineering Plastics. Roelof's passion, energy and vision have been one of the fundaments of DSM Engineering Plastics' success as a leader in high-performance engineering thermoplastic solutions.

The handover between Westerbeek and Polet will commence on 3 July 2015. After the handover is complete during Q3 2015, Westerbeek will be engaged in various to be defined projects in DSM until 1 July 2016 when he will leave DSM. He remains based in Singapore.

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