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Corvaglia: Change in management in the Corvaglia Group

The Corvaglia Group, with around 250 employees at locations in Switzerland and Mexico, has grown rapidly over the course of the past few years. Company founder and owner Romeo Corvaglia began adapting internal structures early on in order to respond to the challenges posed by such growth. The Board of Directors grew from two to six members in March 2013, and was divided up into different areas of expertise. Romeo Corvaglia has been working on finding his successor as Group CEO for several years.

As of 1 January 2015, group operational responsibility will be handed over to Michael Krueger (36, Dr. rer. nat.). Romeo Corvaglia and the entire Board of Directors have absolute confidence in his abilities, which he has demonstrated over the past few years. Michael Krueger began working for Corvaglia as Chief Technology Officer three years ago. One year later, he was given the additional responsibility of overseeing operations and managing around 100 employees at Corvaglia Mould AG.

Romeo Corvaglia will work in a more withdrawn role over the next one to two years, and will only carry out operational duties in a supportive capacity. He plans to completely withdraw from operational duties by 2016, but will retain his position on the Board of Directors.

About Corvaglia
Corvaglia is a provider of holistic closure solutions for the beverage industry. Founded in 1991, the company has a global total of more than 250 employees at its headquarters in Eschlikon (Switzerland) and an additional plant in Mexico.

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