Corbion Purac to enter PLA arena -- K Trade Fair

Corbion Purac to enter PLA arena


Lactic acid producer Corbion Purac has announced plans to expand its activities from bio-feedstock producer into the production of actual bioplastic material itself. The company says it will invest in a 75 kTpa PLA plant (estimated EUR 60 million capex USD 74 million) in Thailand, but "only if we can secure at least one-third of plant capacity in committed PLA volumes from customers," according to Corbion CEO Tjerk de Ruiter.

The move into PLA production is one of the highlights of Corbion's updated strategic direction for 2015 - 2018, announced by the company just a few days ago, on October 30 and is part of the company's aim to leverage its technology to build new business platforms in the biotechnology arena, "Biobased Innovations," which it sees as a driver for future growth.

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