Climb every mountain . . . with biobased EcoPaxx


EcoPaxx, the biobased polyamide produced by Royal DSM (Heerlen, Netherlands), the global life sciences and material sciences company, will soon be scaling new heights. Sports equipment manufacturer Salomon (Annecy, France) has chosen EcoPaXX for the Edging Chassis of its innovative new mountaineering shoe.

Comfortable and lightweight, Salomon's X Alp range of mountaineering shoes are designed with a so-called Edging Chassis, patented by Salomon. The feature is a special plate built into the sole with a sophisticated design that combines two opposites, flexibility and stiffness. The Edging Chassis provides stability for the foot in the transverse direction—to provide good grip on narrow ledges—but also allows enough flexibility in the longitudinal direction to accommodate the natural flexing of the foot.

"X Alp shoe expresses the cutting edge of light mountaineering," said Aude Derrier, Project Manager in the Materials Footwear Department of Global Footwear at Amer Sports, Salomon's mother company.

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