Chromaflo offers six new colourants for in-plant tinting -- K Trade Fair


Chromaflo offers six new colourants for in-plant tinting

The new colourants consist of an additional yellow, orange, red, blue, violet and brown colour and extend the established Hydrasperse EU range to 27 water-based colourants without VOC or a low VOC content of less than one gram per litre. According to Chromaflo Technologies, the Hydrasperse EU range is ideal for the requirements of the decorative interior and exterior paint industry. The colourants feature high colour strength and consistent batch-to-batch quality, irrespective of production volume. They combine colour range and accuracy of point-of-sale colourants with the cost effectiveness of industrial production. As a result, the Hydrasperse EU range line offers a good balance of price and performance while meeting the challenges of current and future market requirements. For in-plant tinting, the Hydrasperse range is complemented by Solvasperse AK colourants. They were specifically developed for the tinting of various types of long- and medium-oil decorative alkyd paint, for both interior and exterior applications. The VOC content is 300 grams per litre. 15 different high-concentration colourants ensure a perfect colour match without affecting the gloss or drying properties of the base paint, says Chromaflo. In-plant tinting - a high-quality and cost-effective solution In-plant tinting enables paint producers to react faster to market needs since orders can be delivered reliably within a very short time. There is no need to test batches or to clean vessels between orders. Operator time can thus be more effectively used to produce paint. Tinting also offers a larger colour space with accurate and repeatable results for all coloured paint that is made up: there is no waste product. For volumes of 500 litres and less, tinting is a considerably cheaper process than direct milling of dry pigment. Chromaflo Technologies will present both Hydrasperse EU and Solvasperse AK colourant ranges at Eurocoat 2014 in Paris from 23 - 25 September 2014, stand D18.