Chromaflo launches new inhibitor and thickener dispersions at Composites Europe 2014 -- K Trade Fair


Chromaflo launches new inhibitor and thickener dispersions at Composites Europe 2014

Following the release of Chromaflo's EMEA pigment paste lines for thermoset applications at Composites Europe 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany, the company has launched two new thickening pastes and an inhibitor dispersion at Composites Europe 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The Plasticolors AM line offers a number of chemical thickening pastes for SMC and BMC applications. Two new products have been added that are customised for the EMEA market. AM products are among the most consistently reactive magnesium oxide dispersions available and are designed to deliver a specific, controlled, thickening response. The Plasticolors Inhibitor IN line consists of liquid inhibitor additives. To fulfill the needs of the EMEA market a new product has been added. IN-90761 consists of 10 % PBQ in a MEK-styrene blend and was specifically formulated for the European polyester market. At Composites Europe 2014, Chromaflo Technologies is also presenting its full range of products for thermoset applications. The portfolio includes specialised pigment pastes for unsaturated polyester (CF line), polyurethane pultrusion (UPL line), other polyurethane processes (DL line), epoxy (EDC-ND line), and plasticiser applications (DTP line) along with the above-mentioned thickeners and inhibitor. Chromaflo Technologies also provides custom-formulated dispersions, colour matching and toll processing. During Composites Europe 2014 in Düsseldorf, Chromaflo will present about the effect of fillers on the colour of composite parts. The presentation will take place in the Composites Forum in hall 8b/D36.Chromaflo Technologies at Composites Europe 2014, hall 8A, stand B22