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Chinaplas 2015 with new high-tech theme zones

[image_0]In addition, a series of value-added services will be put up to further enhance both exhibiting and visiting experience. New theme zones of the exhibition include: - Industrial Automation Zone
This new theme zone will serve as a one-stop destination for visitors to learn about the latest automation technologies from all over the world. In addition live demonstrations of robotic systems are shown. - Composite & High-performance Materials Zone
Visitors will be able to witness the latest achievements in the field of high-performance materials, composites and specialty plastics. The most common high-performance plastics include polyimide (PI), polyether ether ketone (PEEK), and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). These are especially important in the automotive and aerospace industries, where materials with light weight construction and high strength are searched for that significantly reduce weight and enhance fuel efficiency.[image_1] - Colour Pigment and Masterbatch Zone and Additives Zone
With a gradual growth in pigments, masterbatch and additives industries, Colour Pigment and Masterbatch Zone and Additives Zone will be set up as two individual main theme zones, rather than the sub-zones as in the previous exhibition, to provide more targeted and efficient exhibition platforms of related products and technologies to visitors. Chinaplas 2015 will bring a whole new range of services to the buyers, in addition to the current full visitor services such as exhibit previews, visitor guides, mobile phone apps and transportation and accommodation information for visitors. Guided tour service will be arranged for buyers from automotive, construction, E&E, packaging and medical industries to facilitate them finding the right suppliers in the most time saving and efficient manner. During the exhibition, the organizer will hold an "open house” in collaboration with local enterprises, so that visitors will be given an opportunity to visit their production base. Buyers in Guangdong province can enjoy free shuttle-bus service if the company comes to visit on Saturday with a group of 20 persons or above at a time. For details: