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Chinaplas 2015 presents developments for the medical industry

[image_0]In China, medical plastics is still an emerging industry, its production value is staggering at 7% of the total production in the developed world. According to Adsale, the organisers of  Chinaplas, medical devices market in China is worth EUR 7 billion and has 7,000 some registered devices makers, and the market is predicted to expand at a rate of 40%. In contrast, only 1,000 companies are supplying medical plastic products with the total production value at approximately EUR 840 million. They are largely home-grown and supplied to small-to-medium cities and large rural areas, while many large cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai still heavily rely on overseas imports. The demands of medical plastics in disposable devices and home use devices will grow at the fastest pace. Home use medical devices in particular will grow at a CAGR of 30%, fuelled by an aging population and increased health conscious among the consumers, along with other factors such as improved living standards and education level in China. So far, consumers are only willing to spend more on shelf-diagnostic devices and equipment such as portable blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters, etc. Backed by the Chinese government's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) for the Medical Device Science and Technology Industry, the industry is set to create 50-80 new preventative, diagnostic, treatment, recuperation and emergency care medical device products. Therefore, it will replace those extensively used products or basic devices and materials that rely on foreign imports. All these factors are favorable for medical devices and medical plastics industries to thrive in China, and will also quicken the pace for moving toward more high-end and high-tech.Chinaplas 2015 will be held on 20-23 May 2015 at China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China. Over 3,100 companies from over 39 countries and regions will introduce a plethora of medical grade plastics, processing machinery and medical packaging solutions to the fairground. It is expected that some 120,000 professional buyers from 130 countries and regions and over 100 buyer groups will visit the show. In 2014 the exhibition attracted a number of leading companies and industry associations, such as Dräger, Edan, Improve Medical, Microport, Mindray, Sanner, Siemens, Tuoren, ConStrong medical packaging materials, Yue Hui Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials, China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Shenzhen Association of Medical Devices.