Chinaplas 2015: Haitian shifts focus to all-electric, two-platen machines


Giant Chinese injection molding machine builder Haitian International has unveiled a clear strategy to migrate small machines to the electric format while focusing on two-platen hydraulic machines for larger unit. This is reflected not only in its establishment of new production capacity for such machines, but also by new machines introduced at Chinaplas in Guangzhou.

On May 18, 2015, the company opened the first section of its new Chinese plant in Chunxiao, a suburb of Ningbo, dedicated to production of all-electric Zhafir Venus machines. The 120,000-m² factory will in the future manufacture as many as 5,000 all-electrical machines per year. Haitian manufactured 26,839 machines overall in fiscal 2014, of which 1062 were all-electric Venus machines. The company also assembles Zhafir Venus and Zeres all-electric presses at a factory in Germany. Haitian Helmar Franz, chief strategic officer of Haitian International, says capacity in Germany will be doubled shortly.

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