Chinaplas 2015: DuPont targets new applications to drive business growth in Asia


Growth in Asia is slowing, moving into the lower single digits in some cases. In China's case economic growth of 7 percent is targeted, meaning sellers of plastic materials in the market either have to temper their expectations or turn to innovation in order to develop new applications with customers. Case-in-point: DuPont has developed an ionomer film technology based on its Surlyn polymer to protect fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes from chemical attack in reverse osmosis water treatment.

"The ionomer film improves the productivity of water treatment by reducing the frequency of cleaning and replacing water treatment pipes," says Roger Kant, Marketing Director, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers - Asia Pacific. "The technology was developed at our Shanghai R&D facility, who identified the opportunity," adds Kant. "It also widens the application area so that more seriously polluted liquids are treated."

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