Chinaplas 2015 - Automation novelties for the E&E industry -- K Trade Fair


Chinaplas 2015 - Automation novelties for the E&E industry

[image_0]E&E products have become more compact, intelligent and multi-functional than ever and many of these features can be achieved through plastics. Light weighted, high strength, electrical insulation, excellent chemical stability, resistance to abrasion and corrosion, transparent, vibration damping ability, flexible in design and recyclable are among those many unique properties produced from plastics that no other material can match. Thus, making plastics the indispensable material in E&E, IT, telecoms, LED and lighting products.[image_1_right] For many popular consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets and household appliances, consumers nowadays crave more and more personalized products to please their appetites for both more function and the eye. Diverse housing materials, greener design, ultra-thin and ultra-light form factors, high strength, high elasticity, low carbon footprint, shorter production cycles, robotics and automation adoption in manufacturing processes are all the key trends for the E&E industry. Meanwhile, the industry is continuously seeking for new materials, new processing techniques, higher precision technologies to meet the market's fast changing needs. Chinaplas 2015 will present some new answers for them. Chinaplas will be held from 20 - 23 May 2015 at the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, China. More than 3,100 companies from over 39 countries and regions will be displaying latest technologies and materials in E&E industry that demonstrate safety, lightweight, multifunctional and aesthetic properties, along with a myriad of robotic systems and automated production lines. Many stands have been filled up by global renowned firms, such as Haitian, Engel, Chen Hsong, Milacron, Borch, Designer, Jinhai, Hasco, Mould-tip, Synventive, Kingfa, Mitsubishi Chemical, EMS-Chemis, etc.