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Chemophobia on Yahoo


The article "Why Ramen Noodles Could Cut Your life Short" appeared prominently on the Yahoo site on August 14 and it is the most blatant and scientifically-wrong chemophobic rant that I've seen in a long time, and I see many. Styrofoam contains BPA? Noodles are high in saturated fat?:
If one publishes false accusations against a person, there are laws that apply. Shouldn't those in the industry go after this reporter and Yahoo, for that matter, who have been slandering science and logic in this way?

Answer: the public already believes what she says. She is preaching to the converted, and following the time-honored definition of a leader as one who sees which way the people are going, and then gets out in front and says, "follow me!"

A few commenters objected, but read the comments to see what most readers think. Chemophobia is epidemic. Isn't it time, finally, to look at its causes, in addition to fighting the fires that it sets off? It's not just lack of education, as there are underlying reasons why people are so predisposed to fear "chemicals" in general, and plastics in specific. This isn't solely a plastics issue, of course.

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