Chem-Trend invests $24 million in China facility -- K Trade Fair

Chem-Trend invests $24 million in China facility


Chem-Trend, a provider in the development and production of mold release agents and casting lubricants, together with Klüber Lubrication, part of the Freudenberg Chemical Specialties business group, is investing in an expansion project at its Qingpu facility in China.

The Qingpu facility, located approximately 30 miles west of downtown Shanghai, opened in 2008 and currently produces process chemical specialties including release agents, specialty lubricants and other related manufacturing process aids. The expansion includes a new research and development center that will enable the company to develop distinct product solutions for customers in the region. The investment also includes training and administration facilities. There is also a plan to increase capacity at the manufacturing facility. An extended warehouse and additional bulk storage provisions are part of the investment as well. By the end of the expansion project, the Qingpu site is expected to have a 16-acre footprint.

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