Celanese goes into high gear in materials for industrial-strength gears


Gears make the world go round—literally. Gears are an important component of almost anything that "run" whether it's industrial, consumer products, electrical, electronic or automotive, gears keep things moving! Celanese is deeply involved with application development for polymer materials across all market segments, and while gears might be small components, they play a big role in a product's success.

David Sheridan, senior design engineer for Celanese, commented to PlasticsToday that while plastic gears are not new there are a number of opportunities to convert metal gears to plastic. "We're making inroads in metal-to-plastic conversion, however, people are used to designing in metal so they tend not to think of plastic as an engineering material," he said. "It's getting them past the idea that plastic gears can't be successful in the manufacturing of high-precision plastic components. Yet, polymer gears are some of the highest precision components in the market and there are a number of specialty gear molders who understand the precision plastic requirements of gears and how to get there with plastic injection molding."

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