Cannon to present processing technologies for PU and composites in Brazil -- K Trade Fair


Cannon to present processing technologies for PU and composites in Brazil

The company will highlight its high-pressure mixing heads for general purpose foams up to specialised applications such as filled and reinforced formulations, multi-component and multi-hardness foaming, high-output, cavity filling, and clear coating.Six new or completely redesigned mixing heads will be illustrated. Another focus at the trade fair will be the vacuum-based foaming technology Cannon V.A.I. for the production of domestic refrigerators, used in combination with the Pascal PU system developed by Dow Chemical.A new kit for the conversion of existing polymerisation presses for discontinuous foaming of sandwich panels will be presented. Cannon will also inform about its range of solutions dedicated to the automotive and transportation industries, in particular for flexible seats and car interior parts.A dedicated machine for the application of clear coating formulations will be illustrated. In addition, the company will showcase Estrim, a complete moulding solution for the epoxy-based fast RTM process designed for the production of automotive, leisure and sport parts.On top of dedicated preformers, polymerisation clamps and moulds, Cannon offers the E-System, high-pressure metering and mixing equipment that guarantees fast demoulding times and ideal distribution of the resin across the entire mould surface.Furthermore, the first industrial results of a project named Cresim (carbon recycling by epoxy special impregnation), finally aimed at the development of proper processing methods for the manufacture of CFRP parts using recycled carbon fibres, will be presented.Cannon will also showcase its equipment for the wind-power industry as well as a complete compression moulding line for LWRT (light weight reinforced thermoplastics) now available for the production of light automotive parts such as engine shields. A paper illustrating a new generation of Cannon mixing heads will be presented at the technical conference.