Cannon exhibits at the CPI 2014 Polyurethanes Technical Conference -- K Trade Fair


Cannon exhibits at the CPI 2014 Polyurethanes Technical Conference

[image_0]Cannon USA - who has been present in the USA since 1977 in order to meet the growing needs for both quality polyurethane processing equipment in North America and for local availability of parts and service - is located in Cranberry Township - 40 min north of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. In its facility a wide range of polyurethane turnkey systems and equipment is produced using advanced engineering technologies. Cannon USA offers the most complete line of high-and low-pressure metering equipment in the industry, with basic and high-level controls. A member of the CPI since its founding, Cannon USA is present in Dallas with the latest developments in the processing technologies for polyurethanes:[image_1]High-pressure mixing heads: advanced solutions for general purpose foams including specialized applications such as filled and reinforced formulations, multi-component and multi-hardness foaming, high- output, cavity filling, industrial spray, and clear coating. Several new or completely redesigned mixing heads will be illustrated.The vacuum-based foaming technology, Cannon V.A.I. (Vacuum Assisted Injection), a major achievement in the field of domestic refrigerators and sandwich panels: the new Manni 2.0 kit for the conversion to V.A.I. of existing polymerization presses for the discontinuous foaming of sandwich panels will be presented in detail.The complete set of equipment available for the manufacture of insulated sea-going containers, also known as reefers.The range of continuous foaming laminators for sandwich panels, designed for elevated productivity, simplicity of operations and energy-efficient day-by-day use.The range of Cannon solutions dedicated to the automotive and transportation industries, in particular for flexible seats, sound deadening elements, steering wheels, door panels, composite elements and other car interior parts.Estrim, a complete molding solution for fast RTM process designed for the production of automotive, leisure and sport parts. On top of dedicated preformers, polymerization clamps and molds, Cannon offers the E-System, high-pressure metering and mixing equipment that guarantees very fast demolding times and perfect distribution of the resin across the entire mold surface.The industrial results of an innovative project named Cresim (Carbon Recycling by Epoxy Special Impregnation), finally aimed at the development of a new innovative manufacturing process which will potentially reuse up to 100 % of the carbon fiber waste and scraps from different industrial sectors, transforming a costly environmental problem of today into an opportunity of greening the production processes and getting economic benefit for tomorrow.  In addition, Cannon will present two technical papers at the conference: one on the Manni 2.0 retrofitting kit for vacuum-assisted production of sandwich panels and another on the manufacture of glass-reinforced structural PU covers for manholes.