Call for entries: Innovation in Plastics Recycling awards -- K Trade Fair

Call for entries: Innovation in Plastics Recycling awards


Nominations are now open for the 2014 Awards for Innovation in Plastics Recycling. Organized by the plastics division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), the event honors North American companies, individuals and government bodies (including schools) for developing new technologies, products and initiatives using post-consumer recycled plastics.

"Every day innovative companies are finding new ways to divert used plastics from the waste stream, and, in the process are creating sustainable new products that contribute to everyday life," said Steve Russell, vice president of plastics for the American Chemistry Council. "We're proud to annually honor successful plastic recyclers - and companies finding innovative ways to use recycled plastics - for their initiative and innovative spirit. Their efforts show consumers that recycling makes a difference, creates jobs and supports the economy."

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