Call for Contributions: "365 Ideas for Rubber Industries” -- K Trade Fair


Call for Contributions: "365 Ideas for Rubber Industries”

Contributions may address topics in any of the focus areas below: Rubber mixing and compoundingRubber extrusionCalendaring of rubberRubber moulding and mould designAdhesion of rubberTesting laboratory Product developmentStorage of rubber materials and productsRubber recycling Those interested are invited to submit ideas in the below format as soon as possible: Idea title/captionApplication areaSummary of idea (50 to 75 words)Picture/diagram in JPEG formatContributor contact info with picture Book editors/reviewers will be Dr. Hans-Joachim Graf, Germany, and Van Walworth, USA. The book is scheduled to be published in March 2016 during the GRTE 2016 - Global Rubber, Latex & Tire Expo 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. Contact: TechnoBiz USA Inc.
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