Breyer launches extrusion system for laminate tube producers -- K Trade Fair

Breyer launches extrusion system for laminate tube producers


The market of seamless cosmetic tubes today offers all kinds of designs of tubes for the cosmetics industry, and as a result, it expects high flexibility from the production and the operators. Main reason: the tube design changes often in order to stand apart from the crowd. In other words, "packaging sells."

The average order in this business is often not more than 50,000 tubes and the extrusion system and the following equipment must have a high grade of flexibility. The Breyer tube extrusion system TOPline and ECO line reportedly allows customers to fulfill all these requirements from the cosmetic industry.

It's a different situation for producers of PBL tubes (plastic barrier laminate tubes). Compared to the extruded tubes, these kinds of tubes are made from a web laminate and have a visible side seam. Most of their production sizes are usually above 100,000 tubes per order. Laminate film itself is supplied by international players of the film industry to the tube manufacturers. High speed film lines, side-seamers and printers allow an economic mass production of such film but not for the individual design for small orders.

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