Breakthrough biomaterials technology opens new avenues for resorbable implants


A proprietary biomaterial processing technology developed by Proxy Biomedical (Galway, Ireland) reportedly boosts the strength of materials currently used to manufacture resorbable orthopedic implants by more than 100%. By increasing the strength and toughness of resorbable materials, Proxy Bio-XT could be a disruptive technology for implant design, enabling new applications that currently are not considered suitable for resorbable products, according to the company.

The proprietary processing technology optimizes the material's microstructure, which is physically orientated and reinforced but not chemically changed. The performance gains are achieved by maximizing the material's inherent mechanical properties, which are compromised through standard processing techniques such as injection molding and extrusion, writes Proxy Biomedical in a white paper that can be downloaded (registration required) from its website.

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