Bergen International doubles production capacity -- K Trade Fair

Bergen International doubles production capacity


Bergen International has a new 45,000 sq-ft building facility that includes a new extrusion line complete with updated material handling equipment. The new building also houses a laboratory facility. In addition, Bergen has increased its production, laboratory, shipping and receiving staff.

"We are very pleased to add this new facility and increase our production capacity," said Bergen CFO Richard Long. "This new facility, combined with additional shipping and receiving personnel, will ensure that we are able to meet the increased demand for our Foamazol, Foamazol XO, and Foamazol XOP chemical foaming agent products. This will also allow us to better service new markets for these CFAs. The addition of new laboratory staff and facilities allows us to have a greater ability to develop custom products for our customers, and to tailor existing products to specific customer applications. As we approach the end of our 15th anniversary in business, Bergen looks forward to continuing our focus exclusively on the manufacture of chemical foaming agents for the plastics industry."

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