Beaumont Technologies victim of IP theft in China -- K Trade Fair

Beaumont Technologies victim of IP theft in China


It's not a new story by any stretch. In fact, I'd need both hands and both feet to count the number of times I've written about the theft of intellectual property from many different types of OEMs with connections to the plastics industry. It's been a major force in driving some companies back to the U.S. to do their manufacturing.

John Blundy, VP of Business Development at Beaumont Technologies, wrote recently on the American Moldmakers & Molders Network LinkedIn page to warn "clients, colleagues, associates and friends" about the theft of Beaumont's IP and patents by Chinese companies identified as either IDOPO or Onlytech Moldflow (wonder if Moldflow has heard about this) that represents themselves as "providers of Moldflow Simulation services and Scientific Injection Molding."

These companies are violating Beaumont Technologies Inc.'s trademark and copyright by "masquerading as a company representing MeltFlipper." Blundy issued the warning to "prevent further enabling of this unethical action by IDOPO and the potential complications resulting from molds or product entering the U.S. that include, or have been produced with, pirated technologies."

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