Bayer MaterialScience LLC earns SPFA supplier accreditation -- K Trade Fair


Bayer MaterialScience LLC earns SPFA supplier accreditation

Bayer said becoming an Accredited Supplier underscores its commitment to remaining involved in ongoing efforts to raise the standards of health and safety for the entire SPF industry. "Bayer is proud to be among the leading spray foam manufactures coming together to define their commitment to product stewardship and safety,” said Paul Royba, interim general systems house manager, Bayer MaterialScience LLC. Furthermore, Bayer said it is convinced that all value chain members can work with various industry groups, including the Center for the Polyurethane Industry, the Spray Foam Coalition, SPFA and other system houses to enhance product health and safety. "Much progress has already been made and Bayer is optimistic that along with the industry, consumers will continue to recognize the importance of using properly trained and educated SPF providers,” Royba continued.