Baulé to exhibit at Utech Asia/PU China 2014 -- K Trade Fair


Baulé to exhibit at Utech Asia/PU China 2014

[image_0]The new generation of TDI-ether-based TTX systems is available in 83, 90, 93 and 95 Shore A hardnesses, offering good overall mechanical properties, especially tear and abrasion resistance. According to the company, the systems are easy to handle thanks to a balanced pot-life in each hardness with productive demoulding time. Baulé says the TTX range ideally completes its conventional TDI systems range, such as the TDI-ether-based TT systems series for applications requiring high abrasion resistance, the TDI-ester-based TD systems series offering resistance against solvents and tear resistance. The TTX range also challenges the performing low-unreacted TDI-based systems. Available in both ether and ester series, LU-T and LU-D-based systems benefits both the worker by reducing the exposure to TDI and the processing thanks to a lower viscosity and a longer pot-life, says the company. Baulé will also introduce a new generation of MDI-based MTX systems. This systems range combines the advantages of both TDI and MDI-based formulations, offering a large range of hardnesses and good overall mechanical properties (ideal as multi-purpose application system). In addition, it is said to be safe (no TDI, no MOCA) and easy to handle (long pot-life) with productive demoulding time (possibility to cast big volume parts). Furthermore, the company says it has enhanced the specifications of the machines of all series to develop their productivity and scope of abilities. According to Baulé, the potential of the series has been extended and these new generation machines offer the following main characteristics: enlarged capabilities, improved ergonomics and user-friendliness, as well as better machine operation control. At the trade show, Baulé will introduce a new three-component Universal machine featuring tank capacities of 300 L, 300 L and 100 L, four additive lines (one catalyst, three pigments), an output from 2 - 12 kg/min, amine processing ready, and a new design.