Baulé to exhibit at Feipur 2014 -- K Trade Fair


Baulé to exhibit at Feipur 2014

According to the company, the TTX range offers improved heat stability during processing and is an ideal multi-purpose system. Another focus at the show will be the company's systems for cast PU applications: Baulé has developed mercury-free systems dedicated to offshore applications, such as bend restrictors, stiffeners, seals, cable protection, PIG (pipeline inspection gauges), thermal insulation (for both shallow and deep water), field joints, etc. Furthermore, the company offers three-component systems designed for mines and quarries applications, such as single layer, double-layer and flipflop screens, trommel parts, hydrocyclones, scrapers, inner pipe coating, etc. These mercury-free systems develop high performance properties in terms of abrasion and tear resistance, says Baulé. In addition, the company will present a large range of solutions to cast all kinds of wheels and rollers for handling applications. In a continuous effort to adapt its machinery to existing and upcoming moulders' needs, Baulé says it has enhanced the specifications of the machines of all series to develop their productivity and their scope of abilities. According to Baulé, the potential of the series has been extended and these new generation machines offer the following main characteristics: enlarged capabilities (solid fillers processing, larger output range, more formulations stored, etc.), improved ergonomics and user-friendliness, as well as better machine operation control. At the trade show, Baulé will exhibit a three-component Compact machine to present its machine technology.