BASF introduces biobased PolyTHF for large-scale testing by selected partners


BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany) has announced that it is now offering bio-based Polytetrahydrofuran 1000 (PolyTHF 1000) for the first time. The company is providing this intermediate to selected partners for large-scale testing in various applications.

PolyTHF is a hygroscopic polymer made up of linear diols with a backbone of repeating tetramethylene units connected by ether linkages. The chains are capped with primary hydroxyl units and are produced by polymerizing tetrahydrofuran. It is a white solid that melts into a clear, colorless liquid when heated to between -15° and 30°C, depending on its molecular weight. PolyTHF is especially beneficial when used as a building block for soft segment elastomers such as polyurethanes, co-polyetheresters and co-polyetheramides. Its hydroxyl groups react with other functional groups such as organic acids or isocyanates. The most significant reactions are polyaddition and polycondensation.

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