Axson takes over French PU systems supplier Merylithe -- K Trade Fair


Axson takes over French PU systems supplier Merylithe

According to Axson, the Mery-based French company will be renamed Axson Merylithe and continue to operate from this location. Following the acquisition of Nanoledge in 2013, focused on epoxy and nano technologies, the acquisition of Merylithe adds polyurethane technologies to Axson's portfolio. Merylithe's intellectual property, its brands Adilithe, Isolithe, Adicoat, and products will be integrated into the group Axson SAS. Charles Churet, Axson CEO, stated that the "Merylithe acquisition will allow the group to develop some niche markets with eco-friendly products with low free monomer content, as well as improved specific performance properties (dynamic, low water absorption, solvent resistance,…). The technology will also feed the innovation process in the other activities of Axson Technologies of dielectric and adhesive applications”.