Automotive lightweighting highlighted at Lanxess booth -- K Trade Fair

Automotive lightweighting highlighted at Lanxess booth


Visitors to NPE with an interest in the auto sector might want to head down to the Lanxess booth (S22139) to learn more about how the materials supplier can assist in achieving lightweighting objectives in vehicles.

The High Performance Materials business unit is showcasing a variety of exhibits featuring Durethan polyamides (Pas), Pocan polybutylene terephthalates (PBTs) and Tepex continuous fiber-reinforced composites in lightweight automotive applications. One key highlight is a hybrid design infotainment carrier made from a continuous fiber-reinforced PA composite and a PA 6 overmolding material that is being used for the first time in the Audi A6. Fabricated with Tepex and Durethan, this mass-produced component reportedly weighs almost 50 percent less than its steel counterpart.

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