Automation in big demand, as processors seek productivity gains -- K Trade Fair

Automation in big demand, as processors seek productivity gains


No matter where you looked on the NPE trade show floor, automation was present, either at stand-alone displays or working with molding and thermoforming machinery in live demonstrations.

As the demand for automation heats up among processors, both injection molders and thermoformers, the latest innovations from CBW Automation (Fort Collins, CO ) drew big crowds at NPE. The revolutionary new concept for roll-fed labels provides ease of handling for the molder. After the labels are printed, they are rolled up and sent to CBW, where the company's roller die perforates the labels. "We never completely cut the label out—we perforate, then put it in the mold. The die cutting is performed in-line at the printer's facility. Most roll-to-roll label printers have in-line die cutting, so this is a very common operation for them and doesn't add any real cost or lead time to the label," said Robert Harvey, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for CBW. The new CBW Automation roll-fed perforated labels offer higher productivity and better quality label placement.

Among the visitors to CBW's booth was Bob Travis, President of inkWorks Printing LLC, who commented that this new technology developed by CBW is a "game changer." While Travis noted that he's not certain that people fully understand the implications of just how much this technology will provide real added value to the IML process, he noted that its benefits were evident at the demonstration at CBW's booth.

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