Arkema's new Plastistrength 566 benefits building and construction products


PVC as a polymer material is ubiquitous. It is, in fact, the third most used resin behind polyethylene and polypropylene and, therefore, according to Jason Lyons, R&D Manager of polymer additives at Arkema (King of Prussia, PA), it's a material worth taking a new look at in terms of properties. PVC is a material that consists of many ingredients in its formulation, and traditionally the molecular weight of PVC has a value less than 100k, Lyons explained to PlasticsToday.

Arkema is introducing its Plastistrength 566 acrylic process aid—a high molecular weight product offering improved melt strength for use in the extrusion of cellular PVC sheet and building products, including foam-core pipe, trim board, signage and foamed profiles for indoor and outdoor decorative touches on homes.

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