Are bioplastics still plastics?


There seems to be an ongoing debate with regard to bioplastics that, to my way of thinking, begins when we put the qualifier bio before the word plastics. Last week, Meredian Holdings Group Inc. (MHG; Bainbridge, GA), which claims to be "a leader in the production of polyhydroxyelkanoates (PHA)," announced that the company is sponsoring an expedition to raise awareness of plastic pollution on a global scale.

The From Florence to Singapore expedition began on Sept. 2 in Florence, Italy, and will travel through 30 countries, ending in Singapore by mid-December, 2015.

During the trip, travelers Cesare Poccianti and Michele Sabatini will converse with local organizations to understand how plastic plays a role in the everyday lives of people. Through the excursion, they will discuss with representatives the impact that petroleum-based plastics have on the environment after disposal, as well as record incidents of plastic pollution they see along the coastal, desert, mountain and jungle terrains.

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