Arburg shows off packaging solutions at this year's Technology Days


Among the exhibits on view in the Packaging Technology area at the Arburg Technology Days 2015 at the company's headquarters in Lossburg, Germany, were thin-walled parts, screw caps, flip-top and multi-component closures, all of which were being molded on the various packaging versions offered by Arburg to meet the notoriously stringent demands of the packaging industry.

A "Packaging" (P) version is available for both the Hidrive and Alldrive machines. The machines are available in six sizes, covering a clamping force range between 1,300 and 4,600 kN. The "Packaging" machines feature a specially adapted "distance between tie bars/clamping force/opening stroke" combination. Moreover, they ensure fast, precise, energy-saving mold movements thanks to servo-electric toggle-type clamping units, high plasticizing flows, servo-electric dosage drives, dynamic position-regulated screws and effective injection volume flows. Barrier screws ensure high material throughput and homogeneous melt preparation.

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